PANAMA La Gloria Typica
PANAMA La Gloria Typica

PANAMA La Gloria Typica

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Panama, La Gloria  قهوة  لاجلوريا ، بنمـا

La Gloria Boquete coffee has winy, distinctive acidity and a sweet, well-rounded flavor. The sweetness originates from a brown sugar tasting note at the start, with hints of Vanilla and Apricot finish.

Grown in a unique blend of volcanic ash and soil mountain, La Gloria Boquete coffee beans have elevated sweet acidic levels making them richly flavorful. The region's coffee trees mature slowly, thanks to cool nights, greater precipitation and the protection of afternoon cloud cover.

The Pulped Natural Process

Starting out like a washed coffee, pulped natural uses a machine (demucilager) to get rid of the skin of the ripe coffee cherries after they are picked. The machine is set to leave the flesh (mucilage) behind. The green beans with mucilage on are left to dry in the sun before the beans get cleaned by machines at a Dry Mill


Fruit Removal: The skin of the fruit is typically removed within 24 hours of harvest; mucilage is left intact on the seed
Fermentation: After skin removal, the mucilage-covered coffee is moved to a drying surface, where it will ferment as it is exposed to air and microorganisms until it reaches an inhospitable moisture content for them (11% moisture)
Drying Time: 10–15 days on average, typically on patios

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PANAMA La Gloria Typica

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PANAMA La Gloria Typica

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