Ethiopia Natural Yirgacheffe
Ethiopia Natural Yirgacheffe

Ethiopia Natural Yirgacheffe

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Ethiopia Natural Yirgacheffe  |   قهوة يرجاتشيف الإثيوبية - معالجة مجففة

This Coffee is produced by many small farm holders at elevations of 1900 masl and higher. The coffee is grown under a natural shade canopy in the forests surrounding each individual farming plot. The cherries are picked by hand and brought to a central processing station where drying can take up to 4 weeks on raised beds. As a traditional natural process coffee, the cherries are left to raisin in the sun, and tilled several times daily in order to dry uniformly.

Blueberry, chocolate, strawberry, floral, clean, consistent, balanced, bright lemony sweetness in taste.

Sweet, richly complex with honeysuckle, watermelon, strawberry, hints of pungent sandalwood and roasted cacao nib in aroma.

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محمد ابراهيم

الاوردر لسا موصلش🥲

Haitham Bahaa

جميل جدا

عزه ابو السعود
Excellent 👍

Amazing as usual
Every time you can easily empress me with your coffee it Sammy's.. thank you and keep going 🙏

Nour Salama
Very good

Loved and enjoyed the experience very much 🤩 Thank You! 🤗