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Ethiopia Worenda

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Ethiopia Worenda | قهوة ووريندا الأثيوبية

Coffee grown in Aleta Wendo (Known as Worenda) has a delicious and complex flavour profile, with delicate notes of berry and cane sugar which linger pleasantly on the tongue.

This coffee is known for its floral, citrusy aroma, and it tends to have a medium, smooth body. It’s more earthy than other Ethiopian coffees, with a bright finish and low acidity.

Worenda Coffee is washed after pulping and fermenting, soaked in clean water overnight, then dried on raised beds.

Worenda Coffee is sourced from family owned farms organized around the Homacho Waeno Cooperative located in the district of Aleta Wondo within the Sidama Zone in Ethiopia. The region is well known for having ideal climate conditions for growing coffee. This is all due to high altitudes of between a 1600 - 2100 meters, ample rainfall, optimal temperature, and rich soil.

Customer Reviews

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Yousri Ali

👌 Berfecto

Qayyum Isaa

Ethiopia Worenda

Mahmood Abohamed
Worenda. Light roasted. The best coffee they have

The only coffee which is light roasted.. Suitable for complex pour overs.
Shows a descent taste and complex nostalgic deep notes.
Other coffees are just too much concerned about caramelized flavors (berries kind of descriptive aspect which I don't agree with) which is dull and boring besides the fact that it is old fashioned and suitable for bad quality coffees.
Worth mentioning:
Delivery out side Cairo is totally nightmarish.

Islam Fouda

Ethiopia Worenda

Abd El-Azim Reda Abas

Haven't tried it yet