Custom Coffee | MyBlend® 300 gm

Custom Coffee | MyBlend® 300 gm

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Do you love the bright acidity of a certain single origin coffee, but miss the chocolaty notes of another coffee?

Have you ever sipped a steaming cup of a single-origin and wished you could complement the taste with a dash of richness and body?

The solution to enjoying the unique characteristics of different coffee beans is to blend them together–but, of course, that’s easier said than done.

We make it easy for you to create your own, one-of-a-kind blend that will be your exclusive, signature blend that will be available in our system under your name.

We will create web page for your blend with your name so, you can re-order the same blend anytime with exclusive lifetime discount of 10% and you can share the page link with friends and family to try your blend.

All you have to do is to tell us what you like.

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Customer Reviews

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Ahmed Helmy
Helmy’s Connoisseur blend evaluation

First of All I would like to Thank you very much for your effort and gesture to make the personalized blend,
Regarding the blend i requested:
My main request was in the direction of Berry/ Fruity direction with all related aspects if this direction such as aroma , after taste , etc ( you would have the details of my request)
Unfortunately, what you sent was totally different! and i guess you did not even check it,, as it was totally the other direction of / earthy.
I would have expected you to use more of african origin ( mainly Ethiopia), supported by some balanced Latam beans,, instead you have increased the robusta level , which made the whole blend lost any identity.
Appreciate that you call me to agree on the next steps to adjust the blend.

Shyemaa Shehata

Coffee tastes fresh and delicious. Love the option to customize it to my taste!

Zeinab Mustafa
I haven't received my order yet!

You've sent me an email 3 days ago that my order, that I've paid for in advance, is out for delivery. I have not received up till now, and no delivery associate has contacted me yet!


القوام خفيف لا يوجد الايحاءات المطلوبة

Andrew Ezzat

Custom Coffee | MyBlend® 300 gm