Colombia Las Galeras
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Colombia Las Galeras - Sammy's Coffee

Colombia Las Galeras

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Colombia Las Galeras | قهوة لاس جاليراس الكولومبية

This is a brilliant coffee hailing from the home of the active Galeras volcano which has provided some unique minerals to the soils of the hills in which this coffee is grown.

Growing coffee throughout this region yields interesting characteristics, not only due to the altitude (coffee is grown up to 2300 metres above sea level) but due to the unique minerals found within the soils of the Galeras hillsides that is a bi-product of the volcanic activity.

What makes this coffee so special is the altitude and the temperatures the coffee is exposed to during day and night. The warm winds from the Pacific Ocean cross the valley and prevents the plants from freezing. Due to the  drastic change in temperature, the coffee plants enter survival mode and undertake a metabolic process that translates into a very characteristic flavor.

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أحمد. عبد الرؤف
I did not receive it till now !!!!!

I did not receive my order till now .

Lobna Tawfik

Colombia Las Galeras


طلبتها لأنها نفس الفصيلة والأوريچن والمعالجة والتحميص بتاع لاس كاسكاداس قهوة مسابقة الايروبريس، بس دي مطلعتش نفس النوتس خالص.
هي حلوة بس تحميصها أغمق كتير أظن والطعم مختلف تماما ومعارفش السبب.

Samar Saeed

Colombia Las Galeras

Amr Mahraan

Excellent coffee, thanks 😊