Try a Little of Everything with Sample Size Portions

Reading descriptions of different coffee beans can make your tongue salivate in anticipation of the rich flavors. The words can help you smell the aromatic flavors and help you picture the rich oily whole coffee beans in your grinder. But the only sure way to guarantee that you will enjoy the actual tastes as much as the descriptions tells you that you will is by tasting it yourself.

Rather than ordering a standard bag of a specific type of coffee bean to taste, why not consider ordering a Sampler Pack with five different coffee beans packaged in 100 gm sizes?

Once your coffee order arrives and you have the chance to brew all of the included varieties you can decide yourself which coffee is your favorite. You can then place a bigger order for your favorites the next time you need to buy coffee

Keep Your Coffee Menu Exciting

Another great use for Coffee Samples is to maintain variety.

Some coffee lovers prefer to drink a different type of coffee each day. Ordering  different types of coffee in larger sized packaging may result in drinking not-so-freshly-roasted coffee.

By picking a Sampler Pack with your favorite selection you can enjoy a different cup of coffee each day of the week!

Be Creative with Sampler Packs

Because drinking coffee is a very social activity, it is best to share your Sampler Packs with others. You can also use Sampler Packs as:

  • Gifts to fellow coffee lovers
  • Gifts for a gracious dinner hosts
  • A convenient way to bring your favorite coffee on your travels
  • Tokens of appreciate for employees or co-workers in the workplace

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